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愛してください~ (。-_-。)

26 July
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Welcome to the home of a free bird traped in the body of a child. This is Norilys. Sometimes also Nory or Nori-chan. Or simply Raven when she doesn’t like what
she is or what she feels. Now she’s even trying out with the name "Julie", only because she likes to dream that certain songs were written thinking about her.

Lunatic by heart, designer of profession, though her entrails claim her as psychologist. Frustrated writer in her free time, singer at bathroom and bedroom in spite of
the constant protests of both sites, and hard-core dreamer the rest of the time. There was a time when she danced, acted and proclaimed, but the infancy dies
always in the blink of an eye.

Fond Astrologer. Leo is her solar sign and ascends with the sign of Pisces. "Fire ascending to water" she says with an enigmatic smile "It is not surprising that I’m so
contradictory". Ah, yes. Contradictory is her middle name.

She looked and looked for a way of filling this space without resorting to banal and superficial questions that would say nothing about her. And it was at the time
that she realized that her letters transformed into histories were the best way of knowing her. So she left aside the Marauders this time -emphasis in certain
charming werewolf- and she turned herself into the main character of this senseless biography.

People can find tracks of her beyond these words. They can be seen in the letters, points, commas, accents and even in the blanks of her histories. Narrating the
life of those prominent figures that she adores or even taking the abuse of appropriating of her identities to form, at the same time, her life and theirs.

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